Saturday, June 16, 2012

Two dogs, same dress...

Houndstooth pattern is odd, I think.

It is said that it is also known as "dog´s tooth", which
is a duotone pattern characterized by broken checks.
It originates from the Scottish Lowland 
was used in 1885 by a high end 
clothier in New York.

I still think is is the weirdest pattern ever, but 
as much as I found it odd, the more I become
 friendly with it.
You have to play around with it a little bit and see
what works with it and what doesn´t.
Fact is that it is very "vintag-y", so it needs
some modern elements.

I really like Houndstooth. The name alone is 
an eyecatcher.
The pattern makes you stand out instantly and 
gives you a very unique look, but it still
keeps it´s sophisticated attribute.

It is definitely not for every day nor for 
everyone. As a matter of
fact, I don´t feel like it is very
"Miami" either.
I would love to stroll around in
New York City or Barcelona with this
outfit. It will work there. 

What do you think? Can you see the dog? 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mint Condition.

Don´t you just love this shade?

I am head over heels in love with this mint shade. I even painted my bathroom mint :)
It is the perfect color because it is so beautiful and soothing, you want to keep looking at it.
It matches beautifully with strong shades like
Fushia, Orange or Electric Blue, which makes it is almost like a
However, you can pair it with Black, White or Nude
it is still unique enough to stand out.
It is flattering on any type of woman, because it freshens up your look.
What did I tell you? Perfect.

Do you like the hair in my picture? If yes, here I share the hair:)