Monday, October 3, 2011

Vintage Epidemic



It´s time to talk about Vintage and why I love it:


Admit it or not - It doesn´t matter where we go: A party, a dinner or just meeting friends, we like to hear that we are wearing a fabulous outfit. Certain vintage pieces like costume jewelery or a cute vintage purse will spice up your outfit and people will compliment you or ask you where you bought it. It will make you stand out from the crowd and ensures that nobody else wears the same purse, shirt or necklace.

Money Matters

Especially in these days we would like to look cute, elegant and put together without spending too much.
Hey, there is nothing wrong about shopping at Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and H&M. I love these stores, because you can find great deals on trendy and cute items for your closet. 
However, in order to be able to be more creative and show your personality in your outfits, you can add a great vintage piece from the thrift store or second hand store for a reasonable price as well. I personally enjoy researching online or strolling around in second hand stores for unique pieces for my outfits - and believe me I don´t have a huge budget to spend on my fashion. It´s all about the treasure hunt.

Play a different character

I am a total freak, when it comes to my outfits and I would "go vintage" from head to toe. Its allows me to live the 40s, feel like Jackie O. or be a total Hippie. Let the freak flag fly and play - Halloween is coming up, soon;)

Of course, wearing vintage from head to toe, does not necesarily always work in our daily lives and it is also not for everybody.
If you are a vintage newbie or you don´t like to take too many fashion risks, try to mix and match. A simple white t-shirt and jeans are a great basis for a statement clutch or a great piece of vintage costume jewelery.
If you don´t like vintage because you think it is gross and ridiculous, well then that´s that.

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