Sunday, October 9, 2011

Do you want a piece of me?


Yes, those are all mine - I paint with basically everything I get in my hands: sharpies, crayons or chalk. But, I mainly use acrylic paint.
I also play with newspapers, sponges, magazines etc. I photograph anything that catches my attention or what I find beautiful, even though it might seem random to people. 

I like to show things, nature or people through my own eye, how I see it or how I want to see it. 
Most of my paintings are extremely colorful, because color possesses me. I get extremely excited everytime I open my box of crayons and see all the different colors available for me to use :) 

I like to think of my pieces as some form of Pop Art, although I don´t like the that most of Pop Art has no meaning.
That is why I add a lot of me in my pieces. It always comes from somewhere: A feeling or a mood I am in, something I see, something I like, a certain situation or place in my life I feel deserves special attention. 

It doesn´t always make sense to the audience, but it always has a little piece of my soul in it and it is always COLORFUL.

Wynwood Art Fair is coming up.....October 21st till October 23rd. Check it out!

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